Translation is not just a conveyance from one language to another. The translator must have full knowledge of the subject, terminology, jargon, technique and expression features of the text to be translated. For this reason, the fact that the translator is specialized in specific areas is the key to achieving quality in translation. You will find our expertise in translation in this section.

Legal Translation

Copy of Birth Certificate, Legal Correspondence, Notification, Power of Attorney, Marriage Certificate, Law and Regulations, Legal Agreements, Annulment of Marriage, Commitments, Court Resolutions

Business Translation

Trade Registry Gazette, Export / Import Documents, Foreign Trade Documents, Proposals, Invoices, Commercial Activity Certificate, Accounting Tables, Proforma Invoices, International Commitments, Customs Certificate, Company Presentation Letters, Annual Balance Sheets, Correspondences, Minutes, Tenders, Signature Circular, Contracts, Financial Reports, Investment and Growth Contracts, Profit and Loss Account Statements, Tender Specifications, all kinds of Commercial Documents


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Notary Certified Translation

Apostille, Passport, Identity Card, Power of Attorney, Letter of Consent, Letter of Undertaking, Signature Circular, Certificate of Birth Registration, Criminal Record, Insurance Documents, Driving License, Place of Residence, Discharge Certificate, Birth Certificate, Diploma, Transcript, Health Report, Vehicle Purchase and Sale, Visa Documents, Student Certificate, Family Record Booklet, Divorce Resolutions, Adoption Documents, Resume-CV, Marriage Contract, Testament, Company Articles of Association, Registry Gazette, Company Formation Documents, Company Transfer, Patent, Certificate of Activity, Chamber Registration, Tax Registration Certificate, Bank Account Statement, Balance Sheet etc.

Academic Translation

Diploma, Transcript, Report Card, Certificate of Achievement, Certificate of Application, Course Grades, ÖSYM Documents, International University's Equivalency Documents, Articles and Journals, Presentations, Assignments, Theses etc. 

Medical Translation

Prospectus, medical product user manuals, surgery report, patient reports, prescriptions, dental and eye departments, epicrisis reports etc.

Technical Translation

User Manuals, Technical Specifications, TSE Certificates, ISO Certificates, Electric-Electronics, Informatics, European Union Projects, Telecommunication, Automotive, Construction, Agriculture, Biology, Textile, Architecture, Construction etc. etc.