Prices for Written Translation:


  • 1000 characters without spaces are taken as a basis in calculating translation fees.

  • The calculation is made by basing on the number of characters in the target language, that is, in the translated document.

  • The fee may vary depending on the area of expertise and the delivery time of translation.

  • VAT is not included in the translation fees.

  • Fixed prices are applied for translation fees of template documents such as passport, identity card, student certificate, driver's license, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.

  • For 2020, the fee of template documents are determined as 50 TL.



Prices for Interpretation:


  • For the procedures to be carried out in the notary public, a 1-hour interpretation service fee for the English-Turkish language pair is 250 TL.
  • For the services to be performed in places such as hospitals, courthouses, conference halls and company general assemblies, 1 hour interpretation fee is 350 TL.
  • Procedures that take less than 1 hour are considered 1 hour.


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