Nur Özge Bahtiyar, Sworn Translator


   I professionally started to work as a sworn translator in a translation office in 2014 and  since then, I have endeavored to perform this profession with an academic perspective.I received my Master's Degree in Translation Studies and English Literature by completing my thesis titled “Cultural adaptation as a translation strategy: Studying adaptation series shaped by culture with case studies from Turkey”.


   As it is known, the contributions of an academic background to the translation sector are undeniably important. Thus, since Translation Studies department is interdisciplinary, that is it can be linked to areas such as linguistics, sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, literature etc. and since the department considers the conditions affecting the translation and the translator during the translation process, translations made with the help of the perspective created by the department are more meticulous and reliable. In this way, we have the opportunity to include many variables in the translation process, such as the mental preparation process of the translator, reading and interpreting the source text, domination of terminology, taking into account cultural differences while giving importance to the concept of loyalty to the source text, and mastering the cultural norms of the target language.


   Bahtiyar Translation Services was founded on the basis of missions to provide quality service and scientific approach by not considering the translation business as a language conveyence from one language to another, but rather considering many criteria such as cultural factors, geographical factors, socioeconomic factors, psychological factors etc. and with the aim of providing a translation service that is free from personal ideology, loyal to the original text, clean, and that dominates the cultural dimensions of the language in which it is translated. 


About Us

Our Mission


   We aim to be one of the leading companies in the sector by providing project, process and context-oriented services by prioritizing unconditional customer satisfaction, rather than result and price-oriented translations that have become popular in the translation sector today.

Our Vision


   Our goal is to become one of Turkey's most respected translation agencies by constantly expanding our customer portfolio and in order to do that, always prioritizing quality; at the same time, to perform meticulous works by being aware of the current scientific and academic information and reflecting this information on the quality of our works.