Interpretation- Written Translation Services


Written and oral translation services in different areas of expertise


Bahtiyar Translation Services, which does not compromise on quality and trust, is at your service with reasonable prices.


We exercise due diligence especially in official documents at the highest level and bring the solutions you are looking for by prioritizing customer satisfaction within the framework of confidentiality principle. 



Why Bahtiyar Translation Services?



Sworn-Notary Certified Translation Services


Sworn or notary certified translation services prepared by a sworn translator with wet-ink signature and stamp



Online Translation Services


You can send us the document to be translated, get a price quote within 10 minutes and have your translation done safely and quickly with the ease of online payment. 

On-time Delivery


After the document you want to have translated is examined, a delivery time is determined mutually. Translated documents are meticulously checked and delivered to you either by mail or in a signed and stamped form at the specified time. In order not to compromise on quality and to provide a fast solution, we strictly adhere to the delivery time we set together with you, our customers.


Quality Service


Translations are made as being loyal to the original and at the same time, as conforming to the target culture norms. In order to avoid any errors, translations are incrementally passed through quality control and delivered to our customers in its cleanest form. Within the scope of quality control, firstly grammar and spelling errors are checked and then names, numbers, numeral system, items and finally translation integrity and compliance with the target language are checked.


Reasonable Prices


There are many qualified and unqualified translators serving in the sector. The works performed by translators who are committed themselves to the translation business and who have received education from relevant departments, are always the most reliable works and the pricing will be accordingly. Bahtiyar Translation Services takes its place in the competitive market by offering the most reasoneble price guarantee. 

7/24 Accessibility 


We are aware of the importance of time concept for our customers in the translation industry. For this reason, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our phone and e-mail address, get a price quote and initiate the procedures by setting the  delivery time.





The documents you send to us are not shared with any third party other than the translator and editor. After your documents are checked and approved by the editor, they are delivered to you and stored in our archives indefinitely. You reserve the right to request your documents again at any time.


Customer Satisfaction


We meticulously approach every project entrusted to us. We prefer to build long term partnerships rather than making a profit the easy way. According to this mission, we make an effort to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.